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1) What have you learned and/or re-learned in the last 4 weeks of our sessions? (Specifically identify the concepts, principles, and skills in public speaking that you have learned and/or re-learned).  (15 Points)

        I have re-learned many concepts in class, like citing sources and different types of speech. Even though I have done both concepts before I am grateful for the refresher. Some principles that I learned was in-cite citations in a power point and different ways of presenting a topic. Last year was the first time I used in-cite citations and never knew I had to put them in a power point. Learning different ways to present information makes it more fun to present for both the presenters and listeners. Both the concepts and principles help to develop my skills of public speaking.

2) Have your learning techniques, time management, and learning attitude been effective in this course? If yes, why do you say so? If not, why do you think so? (5 points)

        I do not believe that my learning technique or time management has been effective in this course. I leave an hour open to work on public speaking every day I have class. I work until the hour is up and then more on to the next subject. I have done this since middle school. On the other hand, my learning attitude has changed. I never liked to make speeches in front of people but I find myself not dreading it as much.

3) Are your instructor’s teaching style and approach, as well design of learning lessons and learning activities effective and able to help you learn and/or relearn things in speech communication? WHY do you think or say so? (5 points)

        I like the teacher’s teaching style and approach. I am able to follow along and see what is coming up in the next class. This helps to set time aside when big projects are coming in this class and others, beside give me a chance to come up with questions. The design of the learning lessons and activities are fun and help to get me involved, but sometime the lessons are boring.


1) In weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8, reflect and discuss on how much you have learned or re-learned further on each of the following areas or set of knowledge and skills:
      -- Communication (thinking, writing, speaking and listening) skills;
      -- Collaboration  or team work skills;
      -- Leadership skills; Ethics

       In the speech class I have developed my skills in many ways, some more than others. Communication and collaboration has developed greatly. At the beginning of semester I was dreading having to present a presentation and have the spotlight on me. Now I could not wait to present my project. I listen to other student speeches and I learn different ways to express my ideals and knowledge to the class. Speaking in class has become better, thought I still do not like speaking in front of everyone. It has gotten easier when I think about the students that have helped me in developing a great speech. Leadership and ethic have not developed all that much. I knew about dressing nice when presenting and paying attention when listening. I know that I am a leader in many ways. Though I have gain confidence in speaking, I have not gained anything else towards leadership skills.

2) Reflect and discuss how each of the following factors enabled you or contributed further to your learning:
       -- learning materials
      -- learning activities or tasks or assignments
      -- speech delivery and evaluating other speaker’s speech performance
      -- instructor’s teaching style and approach
      -- Your own attitude, study and work ethics 

      Many factor contributed to furthering my learning, though the main factor would be the learning materials. All the materials are found on angel and are always available to the students. When unsure about the assignment we can look back at the day’s lessons and find the answers. If we still cannot figure it out, we can email our instructor the question right from the website also. The learning activities help to see if we really know what the instructor said in class. This gives us a chance to put our thoughts together before presenting our presentations.

       Our presentation is a big part of the class; it shows what we have learned from the class. Our instructor’s teaching style and approach helps to develop the skills to make great speeches. She helps use to get up in front of the class and show ourselves that we can do it. This boost our attitude and what us to work harder for the class. The more the students put in the more we get out so everyone wins.

3) If there are changes to be made in your own learning style and your instructor’s teaching style, what should these changes be?

      I would not change the style; it works. Why fix something if it works? Out instructor lets, students interact and develop skills. In the process, we learn valuable information in a fun and entertaining environment.


1) After having delivered your persuasive speech, what concepts, principles, and skills in effective speech communication have been further imbibed within you? What proofs or evidence reflect the set of knowledge and skills you have learned, strengthened, improved or developed?

        I believe I was able to keep the audience attention better than with my informational speech. I keep my presentation                                                                                           shorter and kept reinforcing on my key points. My presentation skills have developed quite well since last time. However, I am still having a little hard time connecting with the audiences but I have gotten a little better. I noticed that one student was falling asleep and I was still looking at my PowerPoint more than I was at the audience. For my next presentation, I will continue to work on my connection and more eye contact.

2) How valuable do you think are the skills you have gained in effective communication in your personal, academic, and career goals?

        Effective speech is a key skill in any field, area of study or goals. Effective speech is more than just saying facts or ideals in front of people; it is about presenting the information in a way that the receiver understands where it is coming from. I can go on and on about the importance of solar power but unless I can connect it to the audiences they are just going to stare out into space and I am wasting both their and my time. If I am going to spend the time to speak and their time listening I want them to get something out of it.

3) If you are to recommend some strategies for success in acquiring skills in effective speech communication from CAS100A class, what specific strategies would you recommend to a peer or fellow students?

        My first presentation I practiced by myself and it seemed fine to me. However, after the presentation I could tell it was lame and very dry, even with a PowerPoint that had videos and graphics. I think my second one went over better because I practiced it more and this time in front of people. They gave me feedback that I could use to make my presentation better. Even then, there was still things that I could have improved on. I guess I recommend just take the time and practice you can only get better.

4) What of our course objectives do you believe have been met at this stage of your learning progress?

       Of our objectives, I believe we have covered include: show understanding of the value of effective speech, overcome or transform any fears public speaking into a positive driving force, demonstrate fundamental skills in speech planning and speech delivery, organize ideas, and effectively use technology.

        I believe the objectives we are still working on are: deliver speeches with confidence, credibility, mastery, and naturalness, critically assess or evaluate speech message ,  execute communication, leadership, coaching, mentoring, team work,/collaboration skills, and engage in all learning activities mindfully and reflectively.

        Even though we have not had many classes on presenting our e-portfolio, I believe that, with the objectives the teacher has gone over and the ones that we are currently working, on our e-portfolio will be the easiest and more fun of the class. It will give the students a chance to do one last reflection on the class.

5) Comments/Recommendations or Suggestions

         I like how the class is designed and functions. I have calculus and physics that take up most of my free time, but with this class everything is online. If I get down with my work early, it is nothing to get a little ahead in speech. That way when a big test is coming up I can forces on calculus and physics instead of dividing my attention.


1) How well do you think have you accomplished each of our course objectives? Why do you believe so?  

        - Show understanding of the value of effective speech 
                I know speaking is more than just words it is also how you present.
        - Overcome or transform any fears into a positive driving force  
                I feel that I can better get my point across in a way people want to hear.
        - Demonstrate fundamental skills in speech 
                I have used my skills gained in this class in other class to express myself.
        - Organize ideas 
                The outlines help to clear my mind so I do not get lost in my thoughts
        - Effectively use technology 
                Power Point is useful if you know how to use it in a effective way
        - Deliver speeches with confidence, credibility, mastery, and naturalness
                The more speeches I do and practices made it easier to stand in front of the class 
        - Critically assess or evaluate 
                Assessments showed my weak and strong areas. Students showed examples how to improve.
        - Execute communication, leadership, coaching, mentoring, team work,/collaboration skills
                All skills helped to make each student better and opened to new ideals and topics.
        - Engage in all learning activities mindfully and reflectively 
                The activities made my express values and respect others ideals.
        - Present an e-portfolio of my overall achievements
                Helped to show me just how much I have grown though this class.

2) What could have been the factors that have helped or facilitated your learning?
Or what factors hindered if you feel you have failed to learn some of our course objectives?

        The most important factor that helped me was that everything was online and I could somewhat work at my own pace. Another factor was I have done public speaking before. A factor that hindered me was the time of the class. I am not really a morning person and it made it hard sometimes to participate when I rather be sleeping.

3) How do you intend to continue nurturing your skills in effective communication?
What will you do so that you can further strengthen the skills you have learned from this course? 

        I plan to do more public speaking in and outside of the classroom. Through practices I can become a great speaker and continue to educate people are the importance and improvements of solar power.       

4) Using 3 to 5 words, describe your overall learning experience in this course.
Explain briefly each word you gave to describe your learning experience.

        Different – Most teacher preach about organization, even though the teacher mentioned it she also showed how a relaxed presentation can be achieved by just knowing your information.     
        Modern – Teacher like to make students present using posters and other props but most now of day presentations are used using PowerPoint.
        Relaxed – I felt I could ask the teacher anything. I like my other teacher but sometime it hard to ask them questions.

5) Give 3 to 5 words that you believe best describe your Instructor's teaching style and approach in this course.
Explain each word you gave. 

        Modern – The teacher used both PowerPoint and internet in her class.
        Relaxed – She made it easy to participate and interact among the students, which made the presentation easier.
        Informative –The teacher always gave us all of the information we needed and then some. She showed us different ways to present so we could find one that worked for us.