"Energy Conservation is the foundation of energy independence.” -- Tom Allen

Informitive Speech

This is my first speech in effective speech class on solar power. It went over well; have a lot to work on, like speaking with more passion and getting the audience involved.

Special thanks to the solar generation road trip. I did not realize that so many people have started to turn to solar energy. It is important that people get involved and help Earth in the process.



 - What is Solar Power 
 - Benefits of Solar Power 
 - Disadvantages/Solutions 
 - Summary

What is Solar Power 
 - Power from the Sun
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4CTceusK9I&feature=BF&list=QL&index=2 — 

Benefits of Solar Power
 - Environmental Friendly
    - (Shellie, 2010)  and solarpanelspower.net 

Benefits of Solar Power
 - Low Maintenance/Cost
    - (The Solar Guide)

 - Installation Cost 
    - solarpanelspower.net 

 - Proficiency
    - (Shellie, 2010)

 - Defined Solar Power 
 - Discussed Benefits 
 - Discovered Solutions
 - Current Actions
     - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLtap-v_QXg&NR=1


Persuasive Speech

My second speech was much better. I enjoyed it every much and I found this cute video of young kids saying a poem about Earth Day. It remindedme of how much I love to walk through the woods and how sad I would be if I could not give that to my kids.

I did not lose the audiences this time and keep a more lively tone. Still need to get the audience more involved. The teacher suggested; have people read from the PowerPoint or asks questions. I will have to try this next time.



- Questions of Solar Power
   - Who? 
   - What? 
   - Where? 
   - Why?  
   - When?
   -  How? 
 - Summary
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shWDed6bPk8&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL 

Who is Solar Power  
 - Solarguild.com 

What is Solar Power 
 - (Stephanie, 2010)

Where is Solar Power 
 - (Shellie, 2010)

 Why use Solar Power  
 - (Shellie, 2010) 

When to use Solar Power 
 - www.solarpanelpower.net 

How to use Solar Power 
 - www.solarguild.com 

 - Defined Solar Power 
 - Found benefits of Solar Power 
 - Discussed the next step 
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv8IJ092EtQ


Procrastination Speech

I teamed up Philip Snyder to deliver my third and final speech. We need did the speech on procrastination because Phil love to procrastinate and he really hurt himself the week before.

For the presentation we wanted to keep it short and forces on the main points. We also wanted to get the class involved. We asked questions and had two students read a comic strip. It seemed to keep the audience attention and the speech lively.



 - ?Procrastination?
 - Statistics
 - Reasons Why
 - Reasons Why Not

 - It’s the homework set that doesn’t get turned in on time.
 - It’s the extension that you need an extension for.
 - It’s the research that you just can’t start.
 - It’s the letters that don’t get written.
 - It’s the bills that don’t get paid till they’re past do.
 - It’s the movie rentals that have bigger late charges then
    the movie cost to rent.
 - It’s the wall you come up against when you try to start  -
 - It’s the frustration of being behind . . . again.
 - It’s the promise to never put things off. . . again
     - California Institute of Technology

 - 20% of all people
 - 85-95% of student
 - 55-60% want to decrease
 - 49% of failing
 - 18% other
    - (www.unt.edu)

Reasons Why
 - Complex projects
 - Unpleasant
 - Inability to prioritize
 - Inability to decide
 - Fear of failure
 - Distractions 
     - (www.lifehack.org)

 - Identify Tasks to Avoided
 - Breakdown Large Tasks
 - Do the Worst First
 - Minimize Distraction
 - Aim for Progress
 - Reward Yourself  
     - (www.entrepreneurswealth.com)

Reasons Why Not
 - Stress Factor
 - Threatens Happiness
 - Job Failure
 - School Failure
 - Feeling Overwhelmed
 - Life Problems
     - (www.successconsciousness.com)